22 Tips For Clean, Shiny And Lustrous Silver Jewellery

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1. Separation Of Accounts

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3. Secure Your Information

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Cleaning Tips

1. Use toothbrush for stain remover

2. Store jewels in storage box

3. Don’t wear it in a dirty environment

4. Remove stains from makeup remover

5. Use liquid detergent for silver

6. Add shiner for extra gloss

7. Use electronic machine for cleaning

8. Resistant cloth is a good choice for cleaning

9. Avoid harsh chemicals for sensitive gems

10. Soft damp cotton pad will be helpful in cleaning

11. Use vinegar solution for jewelry wash

12. Store jewelry in a clean place

13. Wrap them before storing it

14. Do not keep all jewelry in one box.

15. Buy boxes for every jewelry set for safety

16. Avoid penetration of air in boxes

17. Do not put silver jewelry in wood area

18. Buy lock and key for boxes

19. Avoid scratches in wrapping them in a soft cloth

20. In case of no detergent, use sanitizer for cleaning

21. Buy a soft and gentle cloth for cleaning jewelry

22. Tighten up the loosen prongs in jewelry before storing it.