18 color combinations to get you started on your logo design

To inspire your next logo design, we’ve selected some of the greatest color combinations (along with color psychology). Let’s get started!

1. Teal and coral

Coral and teal, when combined, give your logo a unique and exciting look. They are cheerful and bright hues that are not too taxing on the eye. This color palette is ideal for educational enterprises and creative consultants.

2. White and red lipstick

This color scheme provides a powerful impact! Red is an invigorating and stimulating color that should be combined with something neutral and tranquil when used in such a bright shade. It’s a wonderful logo color combination for both teams and retail settings. This combination might assist any brand that needs to attract the eye from a distance.

3. Mustard yellow and brown

We adore this retro color scheme when trying to make a logo. Ideal for professional services that want to project a conventional and polished image. These colors would go nicely with any handmade services, as well as restaurants and cafés with a more traditional vibe.

4. Pink and blue

Do you want your logo to be professional while yet have a welcoming appearance and feel? Choose a hot pink and navy logo color scheme. The brilliant pink pops against the blue and is ideal for sectors such as blogging and cosmetics.

5. Orange and black

This orange and black logo is a powerful yet approachable combination. The orange represents optimism, while the black represents professionalism and grounding. This logo color scheme would be appropriate for the music and film sectors.

6. Green and yellow

The young yellow in this logo color combination adds vitality and life to the otherwise tranquil green. Green and yellow are natural hues that are usually seen in businesses such as environmental, cleaning, and farm services.

7. White and blue

The soothing white and sky blue color scheme is a crowd-pleaser, conveying sentiments of calm and trust. Using this combination to make a logo provides versatility across industries, from nonprofit to technology to health. Remember that white is a design hue that may be utilized to create negative space and bring the eye to an essential design feature.

8. Blue and orange

With a blue and orange logo, you can pique your audience’s interest while also building trust. This complimentary color combination is a traditional yet strong combination that is popular in the banking and technology industries.

9. Turquoise and blue

If you want your logo to convey trust, confidence, and intellect, consider blending turquoise and blue. The hues are from the same color family, but they are distinct enough to make a stunning duo, with the turquoise applied sparingly. A well-chosen use of bright colors can truly make a design stand out! Teal is a vibrant hue that goes nicely with practically any darker, subdued color.

10. Red and black

This powerful logo color combination dominates and instills a sense of energy and force. It is daring and unexpectedly inviting. The bright red attracts attention to the corporate name, while the black serves as a grounding backdrop hue. In color psychology, red represents danger, passion, and intrigue. It may be utilized to create excitement, especially when coupled with a strong hue like black.

11. Pink and blue

A delicate pink combined with navy blue exudes a fun but dependable mood. The blue stands out against the pale background, giving a lovely contrast. Consider this logo combination if you work in the wedding, blogging, or beauty sectors.

12. Yellow and purple

Do you want a logo that exudes wisdom? To elicit feelings of creativity, combine an invigorating and hopeful yellow with a deep purple. This traditional complementary logo color scheme is popular in the education and restaurant industries.

13. Yellow, blue, and red

Feeling daring? Try an electrifying color combination! This logo’s brilliant red compliments the regal navy and joyful yellow, conveying confidence and authority. Consider employing this color scheme for a restaurant or entertainment company.

14. Purple and orange

Unusual color combinations might be dangerous, but when they work, they work! This eggplant purple and the warm peach color combination is both distinctive and lovely. Consider using this combination for a fashion, home, or beauty brand.

15. Green and blue

Green and blue are frequently linked with serenity, while lime green and electric blue emanate freshness and vigor. A vibrant color scheme performs especially effectively in the entertainment, media, and fashion industries.

16. Pink and purple

Ambition, levity, and warmth all rolled into one! This logo’s vibrant pink offers a burst of enthusiasm, while the purple serves as a mature counterpoint. This color scheme is frequently found in areas such as blogging and cosmetics.

17. Yellow and black

The almost-black hue of gray that is prevalent in the entertainment business (particularly nightclubs) exudes mystique and excitement. Yellow and black are two hues that look great together.

18. Red and yellow

This eye-catching color scheme quickly attracts your attention to the logo’s core. The company name’s bold red and unusual layout explodes against the joyful shade of yellow, generating a sense of energy and amusement. We adore this color combination on Graphic design templates because of its adaptability.