10 Commonly Asked Questions About Explainer Videos

A video explainer is one of the most common methods of advertising and attracting potential customers. The list of companies that quickly became popular by releasing short videos are such online industry giants as Venmo and Dropbox. However, to create a high-quality https://explain.ninja/60-second-video/, you need a clear vision of your final goal. 

To create a full-fledged advertising product, a business owner should answer the following questions: 

What is the video created for? 

Short promotional videos are specially developed for being demonstrated on a particular platform: 

  • on the client’s home page;
  • on the target site to advertise new products or promotions;
  • in social networks;
  • before uploading a YouTube video;
  • as part of a trade presentation; 
  • in mail-outs.

If you need a video to complement a trade promotion, it should be succinct and comprehensible to the end user. Besides, you will need a high-quality soundtrack for it. On the other hand, a video for social networks doesn’t require fine work on the audio content. The content developed for demonstration on the target or main page of the website is intended to stimulate a user activity. Thus, the content of an explainer video created using explainer animation video should always correspond to the place you want to locate it at.   

What is the goal of your video?

An explainer video can be created for the following purposes:

  • education;
  • search engine optimization;
  • higher conversion rate;
  • subscriptions to mail-outs;
  • invitation to participate in a promotion, etc.

An explainer video can promote the content to pursue a few of such goals at once. But to achieve success, you should concentrate on solving any of the above-listed tasks. 

How long should the video last?

A short video created for advertising purposes shouldn’t last more than a minute. You won’t need more time to tell a potential buyer about a new item, service, or released software product. According to the results of numerous studies, a viewer stops watching a video attentively in a minute after it starts. 

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What do you want to achieve with your video?

You should define the problem to be solved with your video. Highlight your most striking advantages over your competitors. Your goal is to use the video to demonstrate how interesting a client’s life could be if he or she owned the product you offer.

What are your potential buyers dissatisfied with?

When customers complain about the product quality, they kind of give us invaluable recommendations on improving it. Therefore, to create a good video, you should pay more attention to the FAQ sections, as well as to sites where customers complain about the product or service you offer.  

How do you see your own brand?

This is an extremely important question. You should finally decide on the choice of a brand, so as not to misinform your future customers after working with a video explainer

What is your logo and personal style?

If your products have any outstanding distinctive features, be sure to draw the potential buyers’ attention to them in your video. The brand is the first word that a consumer should read on your landing page or website. 

What is the target audience of your video content?

Before developing a video, you should find out what your potential buyers are guided by when making a choice. Where do they live? What do they prefer? When creating a video, be sure to take your customer segment peculiarities into account. 

Motivation to act

You should demonstrate the viewers a way to make their dreams come true, encouraging them to take particular actions. The right motivation will result in a higher conversion rate and you r business profitability. 

Are you ready to create a video?

Do you want to invest your funds in developing an explainer video? A very important point is that no video is almost always better than poor-quality visual content. Focus on creating the highest quality and effective content if you want to boost your brand awareness and efficiency on the market. 

A good explainer video requires a responsible approach and a lot of work. Don’t despair if you still have questions after reading these recommendations. Experience has proven that much of important knowledge is acquired when watching an explainer animation video.